I have a responsibility to my student-athletes, coaches, and staff members to support them by initiating uncomfortable discussions about race and not being complicit in perpetuating injustice through silence. I will do that. While I will never fully understand what it’s like to be Black, I can continue listening and learning. I will do that too. […]

We know many of you are hurting, angry, tired, or even struggling. Although we can’t be on campus together during this time, we are still here for you and ready to support. Our diversity is our strength. We are here to listen to you, and we stand in solidarity with our Black students, faculty, and […]

We would like to believe racism no longer exists. After all, slavery was abolished, the Jim Crow era ended, and the United States elected its first African American president. Yet despite this progress in our country, the killing of unarmed African Americans continues. Today, our hearts are broken, and we stand in solidarity with our […]

We are heartbroken and outraged by the lives lost and endangered through the abuse of power over the past several months: Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, as well as Christian Cooper’s recent experience. These injustices are heinous, intolerable, and run counter to every fiber of our mission as a School of Education. Our […]

A Statement from John Poole, Director of the School of Theatre, and the Faculty of the Schoolof Theatre to the School of Theatre Community, and in particular, to our Students of Color: For all of you who have courageously shared your passion, anger, fear and frustration over thepast few days via email, I and the […]

A central value of the UNCG Sociology department is social justice, a concept which, inter alia, directs attention to the disproportionate amount of power in the hands of white men and how social institutions generate, reproduce, and reflect this power relationship. Criminal justice, like other social institutions, is epiphenomenal in design, function, and execution as […]