On behalf of the UNCG Women’s soccer team, we want to use our platform to respond and speak out about the most recent events of racism and social injustice happening in America. We are deeply saddened, frustrated, and angry with the innumerable Black lives being murdered due to police brutality and racism. We cannot be […]

As a team, we understand that silence makes you complicit. Therefore, we are using our platform to speak out about the racial injustices happening in America. We are saddened, angry and frustrated with the countless Black lives being murdered due to racism and police brutality. There needs to be a change and change begins with […]

One week ago, a Minneapolis police department officer placed his knee on the neck of George Floyd which lead to his death. My emotions have ranged from sadness, anger, pain, empathy, frustration, and confusion. Like so many others, it has been a struggle to find perfect thoughts, and the right words to express how I […]

I have a responsibility to my student-athletes, coaches, and staff members to support them by initiating uncomfortable discussions about race and not being complicit in perpetuating injustice through silence. I will do that. While I will never fully understand what it’s like to be Black, I can continue listening and learning. I will do that too. […]