June 30, 2021

Dear Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse faculty, staff, & students at UNCG,

We, the members of the LGBTQ+ Education And Research Network (LEARN)’s Gender Diversity Working Group, oppose the introduction and passage of anti-trans legislation that is happening across the country. These bills strip trans and non-binary people of their basic human rights and contribute to the transphobic violence that is enacted daily by individuals and systems. Legal discrimination against transgender people is just one factor that puts this already marginalized population at an increased risk for violence. The dehumanization, hate, and violence towards trans people must end, so that our communities can thrive and succeed.

We are writing to the trans community at UNCG to say that we see you and affirm all of who you are. Everyone on our campus, in our state, and in the world deserves to feel safe, supported, and loved. Additionally, we have outlined our ongoing commitments to you, including some resources related to gender diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Gender Diversity Working Group will continue working toward making UNCG more safe and inclusive for trans, non-binary, and gender diverse faculty, staff, and students by:

  • Centering the voices of trans, non-binary, and gender diverse people and striving to address the most pressing needs of the community members in our work
  • Addressing campus policies, procedures, and language that exclude or marginalize trans, non-binary, and gender diverse students, faculty, and staff and advocating for more inclusive policies
  • Increasing access to gender-affirming resources
  • Collaborating with campus departments to promote and advocate for gender equity and inclusion across the UNCG community
  • Educating the campus community, especially our faculty and staff, about gender diversity and ways to support trans, non-binary, and gender diverse students

To find resources related to gender diversity and to learn more about our group, you can visit the Gender Diversity Toolkit housed on the Office of Intercultural Engagement’s website at https://intercultural.uncg.edu/transgender-and-non-binary-resource-toolkit.

Please reach out to us if you need help identifying supportive resources, advocating for change within your department, or are looking to get more involved!  Together, we can keep discriminatory bills and policies out of our state and community.

In solidarity,

Kate Rawson (she/her)
Public Health Education

Kynnith Francis-Vaughan (she/her)
Campus Activities and Programs

Brad Johnson (he/him)
Teacher Education and Higher Education/LEARN Coordinator

Alice Franks (she/her)
UNCG Counseling Center

Megan Karbley (she/her)
Dean of Students Office

Shawn O’Neil (he/they)
Academic Achievement Center

Jo Klein (they/them)
University Libraries

Briana Welsh (she/her)
Housing & Residence Life

Meredith Powers (she/her/ella)
Department of Social Work

Kristina Feduik (she/her)
Career & Professional Development

Charlie Birkner (they/them)
University Libraries

Elliott Kimball (he/him)
Office of Intercultural Engagement

Judith Leitch (she/her)
Department of Social Work