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On August 25, 1959, Miles Davis was standing outside of the marquee bearing his name at the Birdland Jazz Club when he was beaten and arrested by police unprovoked. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. More than 60 years later, millions of African Americans continue to live in the persistent shadow of racism. In just these past few months, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and others were senselessly murdered.

Black Lives Matter.

To this end, we recognize that the Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program has not done enough to fight structural racism. We do not have enough Black faculty in positions of power, nor do we have sufficient scholarships. Accountability is the first step we can take for our students, colleagues, and community, both in Greensboro and at-large. We are passionate about jazz and education. We must learn to unite, acknowledge our own ignorance, and shift our core values.

Our promise is to do better. We are listening.

— Chad Eby, Steve Haines, Thomas Heflin, Greg Hyslop, Ariel Pocock, and Thomas Taylor