UNC Greensboro

Grace Acosta

Grace Acosta is a senior double majoring in Psychology, and Integrated Professional Studies. She is wholeheartedly driven to bring change to the community at large, and shows that in a variety of ways! She is currently engaging in the Gold Experience in the Spartan Leadership Challenge serving as Coordinator of … Continued

Odalis Peralta Paulino

Odalis Peralta Paulino is a senior majoring in psychology, and minoring in entrepreneurship. She is incredibly dedicated to the UNCG community, and driven to bring change to the community at large! She is currently in the Bronze Experience in the Spartan Leadership Challenge, and has continued involvement with OLCE’s days … Continued

Santiago Sanabria Guzman

Santiago is a changemaker in many ways. He strives to create community wherever he goes and is always a welcoming presence to students, staff, faculty and community members at UNCG. Santiago is from Colombia, and he’s also involved in clubs like ALPFA and Ritmo Latino. To him, a changemaker is … Continued

Kahlia Hargett

Kahlia is a changemaker in many ways.  In her word’s “To me being a changemaker means not only making a difference in your life but being able to make a huge impact on others. I enjoy seeing people come together to make a change within their selves and their community.” … Continued

Zainab Adamou-Mohamed

In Zainab’s word’s “Being a changemaker means taking the time to learn more about the issues that exist in my community and then finding ways to solve them. I do this by participating in efforts such as community service, but I am also working on developing the skills needed to … Continued

Sabinne Charles

Being Co-President of the Students of Caribbean Ancestry organization on campus motivates me to be a leader because my heritage is a part of my life. I have always wanted to spread knowledge about the beautiful cultures within the Caribbean, and by being a leader on the executive board I … Continued

Juno Rose

I am a student group leader because every person identifying as queer and every person alive today deserves to have a place like No Labels. Colonialism, white supremacy, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, and transphobia have blighted the world for centuries and it continues to do so. While I would love to … Continued

Terry Chavis

My activism work focuses on decolonial practices in education (K-12 & Higher Education). I work alongside colleagues to de-center traditional practices and ideals in education and bring marginalized cultural practices to the center. One way I integrate decolonial practices into my work is through my pedagogical practices in my classroom. … Continued

Jenice Ramirez

Jenice Ramirez is a proud Latina, roots in Puerto Rico, who began as the Executive Director of ISLA NC in 2013. She has focused on education equity, bilingualism, multiculturalism, and leadership within the Latinx community for the last 9 years. Jenice has been in the education arena for over 11 … Continued

Kesia Cedeno- Ballard

I am a dancer, choreographer, educator and activist. I have been working as Professor Duane Cyrus’ research assistant for The Resistance Project. I am also working on my proficiency in the Theater of Movement choreographic process. I am exploring and analyzing intersectionality along with black feminist theories, to critically understand … Continued