Terry Chavis

Posted on October 17, 2023

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My activism work focuses on decolonial practices in education (K-12 & Higher Education). I work alongside colleagues to de-center traditional practices and ideals in education and bring marginalized cultural practices to the center. One way I integrate decolonial practices into my work is through my pedagogical practices in my classroom. Though I am the content expert in my class, I recognize that students bring their stories and experiences with them and are a source of wisdom. My students are at the center of my practice. I often ask students to reflect on their experiences and share their thoughts with the community. This, in turn, allows the learning space to move organically in a direction motivated by storytelling and authenticity.

Outside the classroom, I work with K-12 systems as a DEI educational consultant. My activist work is used as a framework to present professional development opportunities to educators working with our future generations. Assisting them in understanding culturally relevant pedagogy that highlights their students’ intersecting worldviews and experiences.