Women’s Soccer

Posted on June 16, 2020

UNCG Spartans spirit mark

On behalf of the UNCG Women’s soccer team, we want to use our platform to respond and speak out about the most recent events of racism and social injustice happening in America. We are deeply saddened, frustrated, and angry with the innumerable Black lives being murdered due to police brutality and racism. We cannot be silent during these times – silence is violence.

As a team, we understand that there needs to be a change, and that change begins with us. Our program stands on the core values of Inclusivity, Teamwork, Respect, Community, Integrity, Support, etc. and with these core values we are held accountable to always do what is right. We encourage everyone to stay strong and united. We will continue to be lights of excellence during these dark times.

We will stand strong together. We will advocate for Black Lives Matter. We will demand justice and racial equality.

We will not be silent.

— UNCG Women’s Soccer